Solar eclipse 31.05.2003
I am ready with solar eclipse glasses!

In southern parts of Norway we must wait until 2048 to see a solar eclipse covering up to 92% og the sun!.
But major solar eclipses will occur in 2011, 2015, 2026 and 2039.
Further north it will happen as soon as 2015. That year there will be a total solar eclipse in Spitsbergen, while it will be 95-96% in Northern Norway.
As early as in 2005 and 2006 there will be minor solar eclipses i Norway. On 3rd October 2005 there will be a ring formed shape eclipse i e.g. Spain and North Africa. In March 2006 there will be a total solar eclipse i e.g. Turkey and Egypt.

Link: (in English)
Who knows - the weather may not be this good in 2048!

Maximum solar eclipse - 05:45
Strange light "yellowish"
Dangerous for eyes and camera lences!